Dog Blog (After Gadget)

Image from the After Gadget blog. Gadget, a charcoal gray Bouvier with a short haircut, stands in a pine forest in autumn wearing a blaze orange coat staring off into the distance. The words, "After Gadget" are in white type on a tree trunk on the left side, behind the dog.

Dog Blogging

I started blogging at After Gadget in December 2009 as a way to cope with the death of my second service dog, Gadget. To my surprise, the blog became a big part of my life and gained a readership of dog lovers, most of whom had no experience with service dog loss. I ended up covering all sorts of topics not directly related to grieving Gadget, which I hadn’t foreseen.

I also started the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival, which has been a terrific way to connect with other assistance dog bloggers. I’ve loved becoming a part of the assistance dog blogging community. I enjoy and learn from each quarterly issue. 

Here are some of the categories I’ve covered at After Gadget, some of which I’ll be continuing to blog about here:

Finally, here’s a compilation of reader favorites at After Gadget (most dog-related, some not).