Neuroplasticity Coaching Testimonials

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am no longer offering coaching because I have switched full-time to dog training. If you are looking for resources or information on neuroplasticity, please check out my recommended books page.

Nicole says:

I could not imagine a more qualified, generous, effective, insightful, and innovative DNRS mentor then Sharon Wachsler. I feel incredibly lucky that she came into my life at a time when I was feeling desperate because of the severity of my illness and had just decided to begin the program in earnest.

I feel Sharon has tremendously enhanced my forward momentum — my level of determination as well as patience and self-acceptance as I practice, which is a key issue with me. She is really gifted at “clearing away the cobwebs” so that I can stay focused on my objective: healing!

She has also helped me to better grasp “basic” concepts that aren’t always so basic for me, as I tend to overthink. Her patience is a gift as she naturally and gently rights my course when I’m feeling confused.

I have phoned Sharon several times while in crisis mode and she has supported me by rationally talking me through this fear of that reaction in a way that shifts my perception and “brings me back down to earth.”

Her qualities of genuine care and determination to support my healing through coaching feel so balanced to me. I feel safe with Sharon because I know I am getting advice from someone really talented and insightful who is incredibly compassionate at the same time. She is available, she keeps her cool and stays focused on the bigger picture of my recovery. I can feel that she really believes in my recovery even on the days I am struggling with this. I can’t underscore enough how much of a boost her genuine optimism provides, especially because I know that her belief is based in experience.

In addition, what makes Sharon such a uniquely qualified coach even in the most difficult cases is, in my opinion, twofold:

1. Her 15 years’ experience successfully training service dogs, experience she directly draws on in her coaching — first of herself and, now that she is well, of others. As she puts it, with her sometimes dry sense of humor that makes me laugh, “I just trained myself like I was a dog.” In seriousness, I believe it is her passion for training that helped her adjust the program and approach aspects of it in novel ways to make it exponentially more effective both for own recovery (which was dramatic and remarkably fast) and for her coaching.

2. The level to which Sharon’s own health had degenerated prior to her beginning DNRS, and how rapidly she was able, with determined and disciplined self training, to turn a decades’ long condition around and heal herself.

Regarding the above, Sharon’s personal recovery story is actually a large part of the reason I finally committed to undertake what felt like a daunting training program when I did. I have learned that in just six months’ time, Sharon had regained use of her hands and voice, was up out of her wheelchair exercising vigorously and regularly, and now calls herself “99% free” of hypersensitivities. Because I had been ill for the same length of time and felt, in many ways, like “a lost cause,” the details of Sharon’s recovery provided proof to me that DNRS could also work for my recovery on many levels. She had been skeptical at the beginning, as I was. The fact that I get to work with Sharon in a mentor/mentee relationship is just a huge bonus on top of the initial gift of her simply sharing her amazing story with me.

—Nicole M.

Yarrow says:

Sharon has a multitude of gifts which qualify her for the work she is doing in helping people with brain re-training.

As one who is trained as a counselor, I could especially appreciate the way Sharon individualized our hour together. She conscientiously responded to my particular situation.
Sharon paced the tempo of our discussion according to my energy and specific needs. Her ability to listen deeply, reflect, and speak with a gentle strength were all qualities that enhanced our time together.

Because Sharon has successfully applied the principles of neuro-plasticity in her own recovery from a serious illness, I was interested in having her be the one to help me find my way through this challenging labyrinth.

I love the ideas that Sharon came up with when I asked for help. She was spontaneous, creative and encouraging.

I am profoundly grateful to know that I can consult with her when I’m needing a boost, advice or a gentle guide as I navigate new territory.

It seems that with Sharon’s understanding of how the brain re-wires, a multitude of people could benefit, via coaching, writing and/or consulting. I can’t recommend her work highly enough!

With gratitude,

Yarrow Shaloma, M.A.
Northern California

I.S. says:

Sharon has been an incredibly generous friend to me on my DNRS journey. I feel fortunate to have access to her support because the DNRS process is not linear by any means. There were many occasions on which my faith became shaky and I would count on her willing attention and calm support, saying “Yes, its not all plain sailing. What you are going through is normal” and so on

As a result I have had more faith in the process and been able to tolerate its ups and downs with greater equanimity. It was also a relief on one occasion when she was able to tell me that my experience was an example of brain negativity bias. Her deep grasp of the topic of neuroplasticity is evident in her poised explanations, which in turn bolster my confidence.

I particularly appreciate that Sharon’s expertise is based on hard won knowledge gained from personal adventures in neuroplasticity as well as deep study of the literature.

Last and perhaps most importantly what I appreciate most about Sharon’s support style is her unshakable faith that we can do this work and change our lives. It is also profoundly inspiring to see her manifest the things she is teaching. One can’t, after all, argue with the reality of her radiantly visible health and wellbeing. Her light touch and sense of humor do a great deal to ease the journey.

Shari P says:

I have so many printed out notes and letters that show me just how much hard work and dedication Sharon has put into helping me get well!
I am feeling cared about and it shows. You can tell it comes from an empathy of the times she was not well herself. So many hours she works just specifically for me. I can tell she really puts her effort into what she is trying to help me completely understand. And she is constantly emphasizing my wins and accomplishments, sometimes in more than a few ways.
Her homework is well thought out and challenging! And it shows that she put many hours of thought into it!
I don’t know anyone else who would be so thorough and dedicated.
She seems always available to answer my questions, and give me courage, and confidence in my ability to WIN!! Thank you Sharon for all you do for me! –Shari P

C says:

I have now had 3 coaching sessions with Sharon and was more than pleased with her level of knowledge and her dedication and talent as an instructor. Her coaching has been doing what I had sought–kicking my level of self-directed neuroplastic training techniques to a higher level.Her warm and patient demeanor, and her undercurrent of enthusiasm for what she is doing to help others makes me feel that she is truly rooting for me to improve. It seems she has faith that I can, because, well, look how far she has come!  She has built my confidence that I am OK wherever I am at in the process, that all it takes is to keep up the practice.I especially appreciate the extra time she takes to research, write and formulate follow-up emails which further demonstrate the care you feel on the phone from her. Her post-appointment follow-up emails have been fantastic–filled with useful, practical information.  Clear, specific, well-organized, thorough and instructional. She is a talented instructor, and I appreciate that she also explains the why behind each suggestion, which personally my brain needs to get it and to want to get it. Thanks!

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