Updated! DNRS DVD and Neuroplasticity Coaching Giveaway!

This coming Friday is my first “rebirthday”! It will be one year since I started the Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS) DVDs that launched my recovery. Woohoo!

To celebrate, I’m having a barbecue at my house and inviting many friends. I’ve been looking forward to this since June.

I’m also doing a giveaway to spread the hope, joy, and recovery tools that have helped me — and many others — make such positive changes to their lives.

“What are you giving away?” I hear you muse.

I will give away at least one copy of the DNRS DVD sets to someone who has difficulty affording them on their own! If enough people chip in, I will give away as many DNRS DVD sets as we raise funds for!

UPDATE: Someone has indeed donated enough for a second DVD set. I’m now giving away two DNRS sets of DVDs!

I will also give away a free neuroplasticity coaching session with me!

UPDATE: I’m also giving away two sets of clickers and TAGulators! Read about what these are and why they’re so good for limbic retraining.

“Where is this giveaway?” You might ask.

Why, right HERE on this website/blog!

“How will you choose the winner?” You may be wondering.

I will use the random.org random sequence generator to pick several winners — two for the DVDs, one for the coaching session, and two for the TAGulator/clicker set.

“And how might I participate?” You may be thinking.

I’m so glad you asked!…

You can participate in several ways!

1. If you are interested in a neuroplasticity coaching session with me by phone (or face-to-face if you live in Western Mass.), and you have never done a coaching session with me before (you are not already a client), please comment on this post by answering one of the neuroplasticity quiz questions below.

Also, please indicate in your comment that you are entering the coaching drawing.

2. To enter the drawing for DNRS DVDs, I ask that you follow these guidelines:

I really want these DVDs to go to someone who really wants to recover (from MCS, CFIDS/ME, fibromyalgia, PTSD, anxiety, depression, or post-treatment chronic Lyme disease) AND who finds it difficult or impossible to afford the DVDs on their own. Anyone on SSI is encouraged to enter, for example, and anyone who does not have access to $275 to pay for these DVDs without struggle or hardship. I am not going to ask for your financials. I just want these DVDs to go where they will be put to good use.

Note: The DVDs are captioned/subtitled in English, German, Spanish, Italian, and French. There is also a transcript available (for an additional charge) for people who cannot watch the DVDs due to electromagnetic field sensitivity or other reasons.

If you are interested in entering the DNRS drawing, please answer one of the Neuroplasticity Quiz questions below AND please indicate in your comment that you are entering the DNRS DVD drawing.

3. UPDATE: Anyone who answers any of the quiz questions below CORRECTLY is eligible for the TAGulators/clickers. (You can answer incorrectly for any of the other prizes.)

4. If you would like to support this drawing — either to help defray my expenses or to help make another set of DNRS DVDs available — I welcome your donation.

In addition to offering my time for free for the coaching session, I am paying for the set of DVDs. One set is $250 plus shipping (about $25) from Canada or $300 plus shipping for someone who can’t watch the DVDs and needs a transcript. I am committed to giving away at least one set, so even if nobody else chips in, I’ll still do that. (One person did donate after my last post. Thank you, friend!). If $250 or more comes in, I’ll donate a second set (or a third, fourth, fifth!).

If you would like to support this neuroplasticity giveaway, you can use the Paypal “Tip Jar” link on the right side of my homepage OR you can mail me a check (contact me for my mailing address) or you can hand me some cash in person (if you are a person I see in the flesh). No amount is too big or too small! $1, $5, $10, $100, $500, or whatever you would enjoy offering would be warmly received.

5. If you know of someone who you think would like to enter the drawing for the DNRS DVDs or the coaching session, please send them a link to this post. I’d like it to get to the people who can most make use of the giveaways. Thanks!

Neuroplasticity Quiz Questions

Please answer one of these questions if you want to take part in the giveaway! You do NOT have to get the answer right to win the DVDs or the coaching session! Just give it your best shot.

You can also answer the questions in the comment section just for fun even if you do not want to enter the drawings.

  • What is the name researchers give for the phenomenon of the human brain’s tendency to focus on things like worry, danger, anxiety, and interpersonal anger? (Answer is in, among other places, Rick Hanson’s book, Hardwiring Happiness.)
  • Which three healing modalities did Donna Jackson Nakazawa detail in her book, The Last Best Cure?
  • The study of the expression of genes — which genes are “turned on” or “turned off” in our genetic code — is called what?
  • Which world-renowned religious leader has hosted conferences and written book introductions on neuroplasticity?
  • PTSD that grows worse over time, autonomic dysreflexia after a spinal cord injury, chronic pain, tinnitus, and addiction can be examples of what phenomenon?

I’ll post the answers to these questions when I announce the names of the winners of the drawings. I don’t know exactly when that will be (I have a lot going on!), but it will be AFTER my “rebirthday” party — sometime after August 11.

I am really excited to be able to offer these resources in celebration of my recovery. It makes me very happy to support others in their recovery journeys, too!

Thanks for reading!


Updated! DNRS DVD and Neuroplasticity Coaching Giveaway! — 21 Comments

  1. The study of the expression of genes — which genes are “turned on” or “turned off” in our genetic code — is called what? Epigenetics
    Which world-renowned religious leader has hosted conferences and written book introductions on neuroplasticity? Deepak Chopra

  2. I would like to enter the coaching drawing.
    Which three healing modalities did Donna Jackson Nakazawa detail in her book, The Last Best Cure? yoga, walking meditation, and acupuncture.
    The study of the expression of genes — which genes are “turned on” or “turned off” in our genetic code — is called what? Epigenetics

  3. I would like to enter your drawing with the intension of getting to use the DNRS DVD’s…To answer the first question, you are asking about what is called the ‘Negativity Bias’ and simply described…in early human life early humans lived in small tribes, and to pass on genes (succeed in life and continue the species) it was necessary to find food, have sex, & cooperate with others to help the tribe’s children, particular one’s own, to have children of their own. We can call these things ‘carrots’ or positive outcomes luring one forward in life. But you also have to hide from preditors, steer clear of alpha males & females looking for trouble, and not let other hunter-gather bands kill you. These are the ‘sticks’, the negatives. However the key difference between the carrots & the sticks is simply put…if you miss out on a carrot today, you’ll have a chance at more carrots tomorrow. But fail to avoid a stick today and…no more carrots forever. So our brains have a tendency to respond like ‘velcro’ to negative experiences and like ‘teflon’ to the positive experiences. There have been many scientific studies to prove this negativity biase and from these studies that show this, there have also been many other tests to show that humans can overcome this and break this negative ‘looping’ that we humans can get stuck in.

  4. I would absolutely love to have a coaching session with you. This is me officially entering the contest. Walking, acupuncture, and meditation. Epigenetics.
    This contest is a lovely idea.

  5. I am interested in the DVDs for my son and me; he has rheumatologic issues and possibly myalgic encephelomyelitis, with the intention of sharing them and passing them on after our recoveries. Sending a note via twitter dm on financials.

    Possible answer to the last question: limbic system injury caused by some trauma to the body or mind.

  6. Please enter me in the drawing for the DVDs. The answer is Negativity Bias – from the book Hardwiring Happiness. Thanks and Happy re-Birthday!

  7. The religious leader is Deepak Chopra.

    Please enter me in the drawing for the DVDs. Also for coaching session, Tagulator/clicker.

    Many thanks, and Happy Re-Birthday

    • I’m enjoying getting all these comments!

      BTW, just a head’s up: Just cuz someone else has given it as an answer in the comments doesn’t necessarily mean it’s correct. There have been a few answers I’ve seen repeated, some right, some a little less so. 😉
      Now I have to go research whether Deepak Chopra is a religious leader….

  8. Thank you Sharon for sharing these gifts to help us all heal all during your celebration.
    can we enter more than 1 drawing? I notice a few people did. I was not sure of the rules so only entered for 1 gift drawing.

  9. Sharon, I’ve experienced your communication and teaching skills in other contexts, and am eager to experience them again in the context of DNRS/Neuroplasticity…an area that offers so much exciting potential for healing and growth.

    P.S., in another comment box I indicated wanting to be entered in drawing for DVD and coaching.

  10. Happy 1st Anniversary! (and many, many more: healthy & strong) DNRS DVD’s gifting

    Quiz answers: 1) negativity bias, 2) meditation/mindfulness, yoga, & acupuncture, 3) epigenetics, 4) the Dalai Lama, 5) hhmm, something to do with the autonomic nervous system? Thank you Sharon!

  11. The study of the expression of genes — which genes are “turned on” or “turned off” in our genetic code — is called what?

    Entering coaching please 🙂

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