5 Year Anniversary of Recovery (answers to your questions)

In August, I celebrated five years since I started my recovery process! This post is to address questions that I get from people about my recovery. I asked in some online forums what people wanted to know, and the answers … Continue reading

Freedom! I’ve Recovered My Health!

NOTE: A lot more stuff has changed since I wrote this. I have continued to get healthier. And I have graduated from KPA and completed the two dog training apprenticeships I was doing. And now I am a professional dog … Continue reading

How I Ended up on BBC Radio Today Talking about Grieving My Service Dog

Sometimes life is weird. You know how when you’re listening to a BBC radio program — a program that mixes music and disability and being gay in the 1980s — and really enjoying yourself? And then you hear your own … Continue reading

Intro to SSL: “Sharon Sign Language”

There’s been a heck of a lot going on with both Barnum’s health (still no diagnosis, but huge improvement in his health and functioning from being on an antibiotic) and with access activism in my town. Between being so busy … Continue reading