Dog-Walking Safety Tips (around cars, hunters, snow…)

It’s that time of year in New England: daylight is limited, snow is plentiful, visibility is sometimes poor, and hunters are out. It’s a good time to take a few safety precautions on behalf of yourself and your dog. (And if … Continue reading

Enrichment: Make Your Dog Happy while Preventing Common Behavior Issues!

What is enrichment? Enrichment means giving your dogs things to do to keep their minds and bodies active, exercised, or engaged. Dogs evolved to work. First, as their wild ancestors, they had to hunt or forage for their food. Later, domesticated … Continue reading

The Difference between Reinforcers and Rewards

Some of you are dog enthusiasts. Some of you are interested in neuroplasticity. I hope this post is of interest to both! Let’s find out…. Recently I sent an email to a group of friends and clients who have been using … Continue reading