Dog-Walking Safety Tips (around cars, hunters, snow…)

It’s that time of year in New England: daylight is limited, snow is plentiful, visibility is sometimes poor, and hunters are out. It’s a good time to take a few safety precautions on behalf of yourself and your dog. (And if … Continue reading

Enrichment: Make Your Dog Happy while Preventing Common Behavior Issues!

What is enrichment? Enrichment means giving your dogs things to do to keep their minds and bodies active, exercised, or engaged. Dogs evolved to work. First, as their wild ancestors, they had to hunt or forage for their food. Later, domesticated … Continue reading

“Ouch!” Training: A Behavioral Approach to Brushing Barnum’s Sore Tooth

Barnum, my Bouvier service dog, recently underwent oral surgery. The veterinary dentist gave me very stern instructions that I was to brush the injured area in Barnum’s mouth every day, starting the day after surgery. She had been considering extracting … Continue reading

Barnum’s Oral Surgery: The Details

Readers of this blog know that Barnum was scheduled to have surgery at Veterinary Dental Services on Tuesday. But you don’t yet know what actually happened! So now I’ll fill you in, with pictures and everything. I think Barnum’s whole … Continue reading

Finally! An Answer! Class 2 Malocclusion (Lower Canine Penetrating Roof of Mouth)

We went to Veterinary Dental Services today (Monday), which is just what it sounds like, a veterinary clinic that specializes in oral health. The staff was terrific, and it will be hard to cover everything I want to in this … Continue reading

Barnum Is More like His Old Self Than He Ever Was Before

Tomorrow Betsy and I take Barnum to the dentist — a veterinary dental specialty hospital across the state from us. This is because two weeks ago, when he went under general anesthesia for dental x-rays, not only did the vet … Continue reading

Barnum’s Bad Breath: The Continuing Quest for a Diagnosis

I know I haven’t been posting much. That’s partly to do with me being sick and overwhelmed with my own health stuff. Things are in flux for me right now, medical-wise, and I’m waiting for them to unflux before I post … Continue reading