New Perspective: From Service Dog to Demo Dog

It’s time for the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival, and the theme for this edition — hosted by Laura at Canines In Action — is “perceive.” My life has changed drastically since I recovered my health. Barnum’s life has changed a … Continue reading

Freedom! I’ve Recovered My Health!

NOTE: A lot more stuff has changed since I wrote this. I have continued to get healthier. And I have graduated from KPA and completed the two dog training apprenticeships I was doing. And now I am a professional dog … Continue reading

Finally! An Answer! Class 2 Malocclusion (Lower Canine Penetrating Roof of Mouth)

We went to Veterinary Dental Services today (Monday), which is just what it sounds like, a veterinary clinic that specializes in oral health. The staff was terrific, and it will be hard to cover everything I want to in this … Continue reading

Barnum Is More like His Old Self Than He Ever Was Before

Tomorrow Betsy and I take Barnum to the dentist — a veterinary dental specialty hospital across the state from us. This is because two weeks ago, when he went under general anesthesia for dental x-rays, not only did the vet … Continue reading

Shutting the Door on Perfect

In the last few weeks I’ve experienced writer’s block for the first time in my life.  Part of my block seems to be related to the difficulty I’m having with the physical act of writing (due to the repetitive strain … Continue reading