Barnum’s Dental Checkup Report

I have, at rough estimate, about a zillion posts in the works. Posts about my health, Barnum’s health, Barnum’s retraining as a service dog now that he’s undergone oral surgery, a review of pet health insurance, post about what’s happening with my writing, etc. I’m also going to be on BBC Radio 4 sometime this month, and I want to post about that before it happens. But what with one thing and another, I just haven’t been able to post!

So here is just about the shortest post I can wangle: an excerpt from the report of Barnum’s recheck by the veterinary dental specialist which took place on Friday, June 21. I’ve just pasted it in without any editing — except for the words in brackets, which contain explanations for the veterinary shorthand, in case you’re not familiar with it. And then at the end, I’ve included a brief summary translating some of the veterinarian-ese.

Physical Exam (11:41 am Bonnie H. Shope, VMD, Dipl. AVDC/BHS)
Subjective: BAR [bright, alert, responsive]
Temperament: friendly
Objective: Heart rate: 120/strong, Respiration: pant
Weight: 34.318 kg, 75.50 lb BCS [body condition score]: 5/9
Oral Cavity: teeth clean, gums healthy, class 2 malocclusion, gingival defect/recession at palatal aspect of 204 as before but there is no inflammation or accumulation of plaque or debris. 303 extraction site has healed. Restoratives at 304 and 404 in place with no discoloration. Rest of physical exam apparently normal.

Barnum’s mouth looks great! Continue brushing his teeth daily.

Please bring Barnum back in December for an oral exam, consultation and dental radiographs under anesthesia to monitor the health of the lower canine teeth and evaluate the periodontal status of the upper left canine tooth.

In other words, Barnum’s in healthy shape, and while of course he still has the genetic defects and damage that resulted from them, where there was an abscess and damage to his gums and the roof of his mouth is clean and well healed. Where his incisor was pulled has also healed. Where his lower canines were cut and crowned looks good.

Or, the ultrashort version: “Everything looks good; the daily toothbrushing is paying off. See you in five months for x-rays.”

P.S. I think “Temperament: friendly” probably takes into consideration that he tried to lick the face off of his favorite lab tech, Jessica.



Barnum’s Dental Checkup Report — 2 Comments

  1. I am so happy for both of you. This must be such a huge relief. I had a big laugh about Barnum trying to lick the face off his lab tech! That is so, Thane! LOL It really is great to have a dog who likes the vet staff (always wanting to stop in there too) as opposed to one like Met had become over the years- putting up with them, but not liking them one bit
    Really though this must be such a weight off of you knowing he is doing well. I am curious how retrieving items like remotes will work with shortened canines

  2. Congratulations! Here’s to many more years of happy mouth for Barnum!

    I’m also curious if there will need to be retraining for retrieving certain items with the new teeth configuration and what those challenges might be.

    Best of luck and lots of extra “spoons”.

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