5 Year Anniversary of Recovery (answers to your questions)

In August, I celebrated five years since I started my recovery process! This post is to address questions that I get from people about my recovery. I asked in some online forums what people wanted to know, and the answers … Continue reading

New Perspective: From Service Dog to Demo Dog

It’s time for the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival, and the theme for this edition — hosted by Laura at Canines In Action — is “perceive.” My life has changed drastically since I recovered my health. Barnum’s life has changed a … Continue reading

Dog-Walking Safety Tips (around cars, hunters, snow…)

It’s that time of year in New England: daylight is limited, snow is plentiful, visibility is sometimes poor, and hunters are out. It’s a good time to take a few safety precautions on behalf of yourself and your dog. (And if … Continue reading

Enrichment: Make Your Dog Happy while Preventing Common Behavior Issues!

What is enrichment? Enrichment means giving your dogs things to do to keep their minds and bodies active, exercised, or engaged. Dogs evolved to work. First, as their wild ancestors, they had to hunt or forage for their food. Later, domesticated … Continue reading

Neuroplasticity Tip: Understand How Associative Learning Causes Physiological Changes

Two things to understand first: You can use your conscious mind to train your brain, changing its unconscious activity. AND, your brain learns from and changes due to unconscious activity, too. Most of the brain’s activity is unconscious. Things like … Continue reading

Additional Giveaway Items: TAGulators, Clickers & 2nd DNRS DVD set!

With Nerdy Bonus Material: Why Clickers Are Particularly Useful for Limbic System Retraining In my previous post, I announced that, in celebration of my upcoming one-year anniversary of my recovery program, I’m giving away a coaching session and a set … Continue reading