About Sharon


street_smSharon Wachsler has been training service dogs as well as studying and writing about service dog issues and dog training since 1998. Due to brain injury, from 1995 through 2013, Sharon lived with multiple disabilities that affected her mobility, cognition, speech, and caused severe pain and fatigue. In 2013, Sharon began an intensive neuroplasticity (brain change) focused rehabilitation plan and recovered her health.

Since her recovery, Sharon has devoted herself to furthering her animal training education and becoming a professional dog trainer. Her new business, At Your Service Dog Training, is focused on service dog training, with an emphasis on supporting owner-trainers to train their own assistance dogs to a high level.

Sharon was mentored for two years by local trainers Elise Gouge of Pet Behavior Consulting, doing private, one-on-one in-home lessons, consults, and day training and by Caryl-Rose Pofcher, assisting her with dog training classes for Dakin Humane Society.

In 2015, Sharon graduated with distinction from Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior (KPA). To learn more about Sharon and her work as a dog trainer, please visit At Your Service Dog Training, LLC.