Yes, but Why Can’t I Say It in Dogs?

As you might have picked up from my last post, things have been a bit intense. And overwhelming.

However, I have good news. I am managing to rest and sleep more and am reaching out for support. Plus, some people in town are reaching out to me. (I have been too overwhelmed to respond yet, but I will once I can figure out what the heck to say.) The overall level of despair in the house has decreased significantly!

Unfortunately, because my voice isn’t working much, and because I have been using writing and blogging to self-connect, my wrists are extra inflamed (swollen and painful). So, I’m trying to type less and YET I wanted to thank you so much for your supportive comments . . . in cats:

The words, "Thank you!" spelled with a font made up of cats. Some letters are two cats, such as the capital T, which has two cats lying on their sides, perpendicular, one with its head against the other's tummy. Other letters, such as the "u" are made of one cat, in that case, a cat curled up with its legs up, making a "u" shape.

This cat font was brought to my awareness by one of my favorite bloggers, The Bloggess and her cats, Ferris Mewler and Hunter S. Thomcat.

P.S. Not to complain, but . . ."Where is the DOG font?" spelled in cats.


Yes, but Why Can’t I Say It in Dogs? — 4 Comments

  1. You are, as you have often been, my hero. I wish I could think of something more helpful to say. But I am thinking of you.

    • Hi Robin. “Thinking of you” IS helpful. I am not sure though what to make of being your hero. I don’t know what that means. I certainly don’t FEEL like a hero! This is not me fishing for compliments; I’m honestly curious what you mean, if you feel like saying more. (Today my voice is working so I have been responding to all of these comments using Dragon!)

  2. p.s. voice software does work, you know. Siri on the newest ipad or the one that comes with windows 7 are both free and pretty good. Typing is so last century. 😉

    • I have voice software (Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 Premium). The problem is that I also have a highly variable intermittent speech disability, so a lot of the time (such as today), when I can produce virtually no speech sounds that Dragon would recognize, attempting to use Dragon would be even more aggravating than typing.

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