It’s Assistance Dog Blog Carnival Time Again!


I know I haven’t posted for quite a long time, and some of you have been concerned that something might be wrong with me or Barnum. But, I am happy to report that Barnum and I are both fine. In fact, I am super busy with something exciting that I’m very happy about. Soooo busy that I have no time to post here! I am not yet ready to go public with my news, but when I am, I will fill you in!

Meanwhile, it’s Assistance Dog Blog Carnival time again! (We actually skipped the summer edition — the first time we’ve ever missed one — because I had so much else going on.) But Brooke of Ruled by Paws is on the ball (probably a tennis ball with a squeaker in it), and she has posted the October ADBC topic, submission guidelines, and call for entries! So, please trot on over to her call for submissions to read all the juicy details.

And if you have something to say on the topic, “Lessons,” as it pertains to assistance dogs (I think that’s a great topic! Lots of fun stuff to cover — good one, Brooke!) please write a post. If you’re a reader and not a writer, be sure to keep your eye on Ruled by Paws or here to find out what the Carnival is up.

-Sharon and Mr. Barnum

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