Call for Posts Extended for Assistance Dog Blog Carnival #ADBC

A few weeks ago the call for submissions for the Eleventh Assistance Dog Blog Carnival was posted by the host for this issue, FridaWrites.

Assistance Dog Blog Carnival graphic. A square graphic, with a lavender background. A leggy purple dog of unidentifiable breed, with floppy ears and a curly tail, in silhouette, is in the center. Words are in dark blue, a font that looks like it's dancing a bit.

The theme is “Resources and Tools,” which I’m excited about as a topic. I’ve known what resources I’ve wanted to write about ever since she posted it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my post up in time — and I wasn’t the only one. Apparently only four posts came in by the deadline, so FridaWrites and I decided to extend the deadline to May 4, especially because Blogging Against Disablism Day (BADD) is tomorrow.

I hope if you have something to say on this topic that you will write a post. Plus, FridaWrites is offering a couple of nifty dog gear items as a giveaway, inspired by the topic.

For the deadline and other pertinent details, check out the call for entries. If you’re new to this and wondering what the heck an Assistance Dog Blog Carnival is, check out the ADBC home page. I’ll post a notice when the Carnival goes up.


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